Sunday, 14 September 2014


I closed down my show at the Polytechnic Institution (The 'Poly') in Falmouth over a day early.
This was not just the right context in many ways for the sort of work I do.
I figured that a couple of extra days at the easel preparing for the Liverpool show in November was better than hanging around any longer.
But I enjoyed myself:
I made many new friends amongst artists, staff and volunteers at the Poly; I had visits from my colleague Andrew Peters and his family; from Mike and Margaret Jenks (he of Oxford Brookes), and from my good mate at Kingston, Simon Pooley, whom I had not met in over 30 years.  Simon is now working as an artist in west Cornwall, and enjoying success.  He tried to demonstrate how to dance the tango in the Grapes on Church Street.  I'd had too many glasses of Shiraz to follow.

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