Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Well, here is my pyramid of concertinas.  I've just taken delivery of the new Marcus Traveller (at the top), and I thought I'd take the shot before starting to thin the collection down - my friends are beginning to mock me!
The boxes are:

Bottom row L to R:  

  • Jeffries 31B G/D (1880s): my best concertina, and the one I use for Morris dances and noisy sessions.  This one was found in a junk shop and retuned some years ago by Colin Dipper
  • Lachenal 30B G/D (c1910): one of the 'superior' rosewood models.  I bought it from Chris Algar.  I'll probably sell this one, as it is upstaged by the Jeffries
  • Marcus 30B G/D (2013):  my practice box, which doesn't blast my ears off.  The one I use most of all, it is based aesthetically on the Jeffries

Middle row L to R:

  • Lachenal 20B C/G (c1925):  my first box, and the one I worked through the tutorials on.  Nice and bright, but I'll sell this one too
  • Lachenal 26B G/D (c1925):  a hybrid I made from 2 separate Lachenals, and waiting new ends being made for me by Matt Hynam


  • Marcus 'Traveller' 21B C/G (2016): now that this has arrived, I can start to pare down the collection.  It's a wonderfully bright instrument, and at 5 inches 'across the flats', it's nice and portable, and I'll be taking it to the Lorient Celtic music festival in the summer

Here you can see me playing the Jeffries at a recent Morris outing at Great Elm.  Picture by Anne Eamer.

Notes on sales:
I'll offer the 20B and 30B Lachenals on Ebay as soon as I get round to it.  I have a sale price in mind for both of them.  Contact me at thomgorst@hotmail.com if you're interested.

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